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About Smart Me

THE MAKING OF SMART ME is a story that I am always excited to share because its roots continue to grow deep inside me, encouraging me to make a difference in not only my children’s lives, but your children’s lives as well.

SMART ME originated by inspiration after the birth of my youngest daughter, who was born with Down syndrome.  Putting my law career on hold to be available for her full-time, the educator in me surfaced and the desire to provide her with focused educational tools for early learning inspired the creation of the original SMART ME educational workbooks and DVDs – Colors and Shapes, Letters and Sounds, and Ready to Read!.  These Pre-K and Kindergarten level workbooks and DVDs were designed to provide her with focused visual and auditory learning as well as memory and fine motor development.  They worked!  At age three, my daughter could identify every primary color and basic shape, and could identify and sound out almost all letters of the alphabet.  By age four, she knew all letters and their sounds.  Her Exceptional Early Learning Program (EELP) teachers were astonished at her level of ability.

My passion for Smart Me™ and creating effective educational resources soon inspired a NEW vision – Elementary School fundraising – for ALL children.  Through a first-of-its-kind educational fundraiser with PTAs and PTOs, Smart Me™ seeks to help improve the quality of our children’s educational experience by providing parents and children with supplemental learning tools to use at home – especially during the summer. All content in the Smart Me™ workbooks align with most State Standards as well as with the Common Core State Standards, which many states have adopted to ensure that ALL students have the skills and knowledge necessary for future success.

I believe that my children are the product of the concept that continuous practice significantly helps school performance.  With extra practice at home, children are more likely to gain improved understanding of skills and improved grades… I have seen it first-hand.  Encouraging continued learning in math and reading, especially over the summer, is critical to a child’s mastery of current and future concepts and skills.  With that, I want to equip parents and students with educational tools that CAN make a difference.  Whether for summer review, review for testing, extra practice during the school year, or just wanting to get ahead, SMART ME Educational Products are a “smart” way to help achieve educational goals, while providing sorely needed financial support to schools in the process.
I am honored, excited, and pleased to serve students, parents, and schools in this first-of-its-kind educational fundraising endeavor.  Make SMART ME one of your school’s annual fundraising efforts and together we’ll improve the educational experience of ALL our children!
Thank you for your support.

Melanie D. Simon,
B.A. Mathematics; J.D.
Founder and Creator