“A child educated only at school is an uneducated child.” ~ George Santayana

Smart Me™ Educational Products was created by a parent, like you, whose inspiration-turned vision-turned passion has led to a determination to equip parents with effective, educational tools to help their children achieve educational goals.

Parental involvement in a child’s learning process is critical to the child’s academic success. At Smart Me™, we believe that ALL parents place a high value on their children’s education; however, many parents lack the educational resources necessary to help their children at home. With Smart Me™ Educational Products, parents and children are provided high-quality educational tools that can benefit ALL children – whether they are struggling in school, want to get ahead, or need extra practice. Smart Me™ Educational Products are learning aids that supplement the concepts children learn in the classroom every day and are closely aligned with the Common Core Standards, which many states have adopted to ensure that students have the skills and knowledge necessary for success. With extra practice at home, children are more likely to gain improved understanding of skills and concepts, and improved grades.

Smart Me™ and Parents – together – WE CAN make a difference in the educational experience of our children. Smart Me™ Educational Products offer educational resources for the extra practice many children need to master concepts taught during the school year – especially in mathematics and reading. When used during the summer recess, our learning resources allow children to review and reinforce over the summer what they learned during the just-ended school year, which is critical to a child’s mastery of current and future concepts and skills. Smart Me™ workbooks are comprehensive, thus providing focus and practice of content learned over the entire school year. After a thorough review of subject matter over the summer, children should return to school with more confidence and a better foundation to build upon.

Do you homeschool??? Smart Me™ Educational Products are EXCELLENT resources for your instructional library!

Skills and Concepts:

Preschool – Colors, Shapes, Letters, Phonics, Numbers, Counting, Math Readiness
Kindergarten – Reading Readiness, Phonics, Math
1st, 2nd, 3rd Grades – Reading Skills and Comprehension, Vocabulary, Spelling, Grammar, Math
4th, 5th, 6th Grades – Math, Reading Comprehension, Language Arts

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for ALL children!
So, let’s not forget our special students.  Most educable special needs children learn the standard curriculum at school, only at a slower pace.  Therefore, it is especially important to provide extra practice and reinforcement for these exceptional students as well.  Smart Me™ Pre-K and Kindergarten DVDs and workbooks are excellent educational tools that can help them learn and reinforce early learning skills at home.  Grade level math and reading workbooks provide great at-home practice in content areas learned in school throughout the year.