With the Smart Me™ Letters and Sounds workbook, children practice and learn their way to recognizing and writing uppercase and lowercase letters of the alphabet, learning the phonetic sound for each letter, and identifying the letter sound made at the beginning of a word. Children also develop fine motor skills by tracing letters, coloring, and cutting. Many fun activities are provided to help children learn skills. Text is in English and Spanish.

Smart Me™ Math Readiness…This awesome, colorful workbook will lay a foundation for children that MATH IS FUN! There are over 80 pages of everything a preschooler needs in preparation for Kindergarten – plus more. Children will identify, count, and trace numbers up to 20; compare numbers using groups, charts, and mixed groups; learn spatial and directional positions, classify objects, measure by size and capacity, and identify coins and count pennies. Full color workbook to make learning fun!