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Smart Me Melia Doll

Smart Me Melia's overalls feature letters and numbers to encourage any 2, 3, or 4 year old all day long to practice, learn, and master recognizing and naming...

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Kindergarten Practice Workbook Bundle

The dynamic duo- Ready to READ! and Kindergarten Math -contains an arsenal of skills for your kindergartner to practice and review in preparation for 1st grade!

$ 30.00 USD

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Smart Me ABC Puzzle

This 35-piece puzzle is not only a great way for children to build developmental skills, like hand-eye coordination, spatial awareness, and problem-solving,...

$ 15.99 USD

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Smart Me Pink T-shirt

Whether your child has a Smart Me Melia Learning Buddies doll or not, this super cute t-shirt is sure to ignite fun for them by learning and identifying...

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Smart Me Educational Products was born out of inspiration... completely out of the blue.  Just a few months after my daughter, Melia, was born with Down syndrome, a deep desire entered my spirit to create early learning resources, as a gift to her from me, to help her learn her ABC's and 123's in preparation for school. I created workbooks, corresponding videos, and a variety of flashcards that really helped her learn! I soon realized that my "gift" to Melia was a gift to any child. Focusing on helping children build a strong foundation for learning in math and reading, I developed my workbook line from pre-K to 5th grade with both math and reading skills components. Adding to the product line, I designed and directed development of the Smart Me Learning Buddies plush doll collection. Each doll is designed with a name, early learning aspects to their clothing, and a story that starts with Melia and her meeting her "friends" as she traveled in the military with her family. Fun puzzles are also a part of the product line, as well as brand apparel, such as T-shirts and backpacks. Providing outstanding and effective early learning tools for children to practice, review, and reinforce foundational skills motivates me each and every day to keep working hard to make a difference.  From bridging learning over the summer at home to supplementing home schooling curriculums to therapeutic aids used during therapy to reinforcement tools used by tutors to use by home daycare providers to teach early learning concepts to community resources for summer camps - there are so many opportunities for Smart Me Educational Products to impact children.

Melanie D Simon
Owner and Founder

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