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Smart Me Jina Doll

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Standing approx. 22" tall, Smart Me Jina is a beautiful, soft, cuddly, plush doll toy that is waiting to be a loveable Learning Buddy for your child. Though a perfect cuddler for any age, she brings a unique learning opportunity to young children with her clothing. Smart Me Jina's overalls feature fill in the blank fun with letters and numbers to encourage any 2, 3, or 4 year old all day long to practice, learn, and master recognizing what letter or number comes before, after, or next. Let this unique, one-of-a-kind toy bring joy and confidence to your child today! Also, read Smart Me Jina's story...

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's Story

Heeey! I'm Smart Me Kid Jina (pronounced gee-na)! Smart Me Kid Melia and I attend school together. We have a lot in common. Our families both moved to the Charlotte area of North Carolina around the same time, and we both have a disability. Melia has Down syndrome, and I have developmental delays. I was born prematurely (that means too early or before it was time), so for now, I learn things slower than other kids my age. My disability could possibly go away as I get older and learn things faster, but Melia's disability will never go away. That doesn't stop her from being her best self, though, and I think she is a really cool person! I am happy to call her my friend! Melia and I are not in the same classroom at school, but our classes do a lot of things together. We also both cheer at the YMCA, but I also like to play the violin, and sing in my church's youth choir! I want to be a pharmacist when I get older! Pharmacists are the people who provide us with medicine when the doctor orders it. I have to study hard in school in the early years so that I am prepared for the difficult classes, like chemistry, later in high school. I enjoy practicing my math and reading skills at home with Smart Me Educational Products! Practicing over and over again at home is fun with Smart Me, and helps me master foundational skills that I need for the next grade level. Visit www.smartmecompany.com to see the products I use at home to be a Smart Me Kid!

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